You shoot. We’ll edit.

Grab your iPhone!  We create video for social media.  100% remotely!

Social media is a must if you want to reach your customers. Video is the most powerful way to connect, but it can be expensive and take forever. Not anymore! We’ll hold your hand. And make a video for you. Have an iPhone? Actual TV commercials have been filmed on them, so why not yours?


We’ll write, or you can, it’s included.

Video Footage

With an iPhone, you have a Hollywood studio in your hand! People are shooting commercials and full length features on them! Once your script is done, we can tell you what shots to get, and help you get them. SO easy!

Professional Voice Over

Included. If you need that.


Of course! We have thousands of tracks just ready for you!

On screen text

Yes! Included!

Film Coaching

Not sure where to point that iPhone? No worries, we are here to make sure you look great and can tell you exactly what we need!

How Much Money Will This Cost Me?

499 covers it. That includes 1 social video (under 15 seconds). Need more than 1 video? Order as many as you’d like when you checkout!


This Instagram ad was shot on an iPhone by the owner, edited, and delivered in under 4 hours. Including perfectly edited music, graphics and grading.

This Instagram ad was written, shot on an iPhone, edited, and delivered in under 2 hours. Including VO, music, and grading.


The world is on social media, are you?

When people age 18-54 were asked where they spent most of their social time, most said “the bathroom.”  Then we said, NO!  We mean what service do you use, you know Twitter, Instagram, etc.?  Then they turned red and said:


Let’s talk about your next project.


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We are a video production company. Social media video is what we do! For full service production, check out MartinPictures.com. We are highly rated in film production companies directories and are a top video production company.